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    Rehabilitation – Drug & Alcohol

    If you’re aged over 18 years and would like help to recover from problems with alcohol or other drugs dependence, our Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) services may be able to help.

    Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Residential Recovery Service

    Our residential services offer a structured program designed to help you recover from the effects of your dependence on alcohol and other drugs. The specialist 12-week rehabilitation program provides intensive treatment that integrates a range of therapeutic elements and supports to attain your recovery goals.

    Prior entering the service, you will need to have shown motivation to reduce your substance use and, depending on the complexity of your dependencies, you may also need to have successful completed a detoxification program.

    This program will connect you with relevant supports to help you address related issues, including family and other relationships, emotional and physical health.

    On entering the residential service you will be welcomed into a comfortable and safe home environment to commence your recovery.


    Some expectations of the program include: 

    • Take part in group sessions covering drug and alcohol dependent behaviour, thoughts and triggers, relapse prevention and making lifestyle changes
    • Share responsibility for maintaining the upkeep of your living areas
    • Take responsibility for keeping your space tidy, and for your grooming and any prescribed medication
    • Enjoy group social, recreational and exercise activities
    • Engage actively in case management and learn about goal setting, budgeting, coping strategies and other life skills
    • Participate and motivate your peers during support groups such as SMART Recovery, Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous
    • Engage actively in internal or external counselling sessions that may be identified as essential to your recovery (these may also address related mental health, relationship, grief, trauma or gambling concerns).

    You can also expect to receive mobile support while waiting to commence residential recovery and at the end of the 12-week program to help you adjust to the significant changes to your health and lifestyle.

    Our services are staffed by experienced teams who provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for your recovery.


    Costs & eligibility

    Our services are available for men and women over the age of 18, although some houses are for men only or women only. You will be asked to contribute 80% of your government benenfit income (basic Centrelink or JobSeeker Allowance) or $200 per week for your accommodation, meals and services.


    Continuing Care

    Pre and Post residential recovery support is available at locations across Queensland and is designed to assist any person in the community requiring assistance transitioning into a residential recovery program and/or on leaving the program.

    Pre-treatment support engage with clients seeking advice or support to address their AOD dependencies Clients are referred based on their needs. If residential recovery is identified as a suitable recovery option, clients are supported with information and strategies on harm reduction, advice on detoxification processes and any required crisis support while waiting to commence their residential program.

    Post care support commences towards the end of clients’ 12-week residential program to  empower clients to live independently and reintegrate with the community without reliance on substances. Post treatment support incorporates connection with community supports, groups and received practical assistance with daily living skills such as finance, parenting, education, employment and accommodation. This support will be offered up to 12 weeks after the completion of the residential rehabilitation program or until required based on clients’ individual needs.

    Our services also support any family member or significant other of persons struggling with addiction of any type. This service will assist with referrals to relevant support services, information and connections to assist and support in the care of that person.


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