Vinnies encourage mindful donations during decluttering season - St Vincent de Paul Society QLD
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    Vinnies encourage mindful donations during decluttering season

    Donations provided in-store during opening hours are the best way to ensure your second-hand goods get a new life.

    Christmas may be over, but the gifts keep coming for Vinnies Queensland; as Queenslanders use the holiday period to declutter and donate their second-hand clothing, homewares and goods.

    But while the donations are appreciated, with many Vinnies volunteers still on leave, we are encouraging our communities to practice mindful donations.

    Toowoomba Retail Operations Manager Adam Bruggemann said the region was one of many throughout the state that had come back from the Christmas break to find a huge influx of donations – most of it dumped outside the shops.

    “We are overwhelmed with donations right now and we are truly thankful to the community for keeping Vinnies in mind during their post-Christmas clean out,” he said.

    “But if donations aren’t provided correctly, it can cause even more work for our Volunteers and can get in the way of us raising funds for our vital community work.”

    Mr Bruggemann said there were two key things to keep in mind when donating – checking the quality and donating in-store.

    “While we appreciate the thought, we cannot accept anything damaged, broken, torn, stained or threadbare,” she said.

    “If you wouldn’t give it to a friend, don’t give it to Vinnies.

    “The second rule is to not leave donations outside our Shops – this leaves it open to the weather or thieves and often leaves a big mess for our Volunteers to clean up.

    “The best way to donate your quality goods is to donate directly in the Shop during opening hours.”

    The post-Christmas period sees a rise in donation dumping, including at our Noosaville Shop.

    Mr Bruggemann also praised op-shoppers, donors and volunteers for their support during a tough year.

    “2022 saw an ongoing housing crisis and rising costs of living for Toowooomba and the rest of the state, and the need for help has grown and grown,” he said.

    “The support of everyone who has donated, shopped or volunteered with Vinnies went a long way to ensuring we can help the most vulnerable in our community.

    “And with your support, we can continue to support Queenslanders in need in 2023.”

    Mr Bruggemann said if giving back to the community was on your New Year’s resolution list, new volunteers were always welcomed.

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