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    Vinnies copping the cost of dumping and theft

    Vinnies wants to remind people not to ‘dump’ on their good works by stealing from donation bins and depots or leaving rubbish meant for tips at their donation bins, or outside their shops.

    Struggling Queenslanders are missing out on desperately-needed items due to them being spoiled or stolen before they get sold in Vinnies shops, or sent on to needy families.

    “In the last year we have seen an increase in theft of donations and stock from our Vinnies Centres. Some weekends 80-90% of our stock was being stolen, so we’ve had to employ security staff on nights and weekends – at a significant cost to the Society,” said Shane Klintworth, St Vincent de Paul Society South Coast Executive Officer.

    “In the lead up to Christmas, it’s also a good time to remind people that donating things to Vinnies that are meant for the tip is not an act of kindness or charity. A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t give it to a friend, then don’t put it in the donation bin.

    “Dumping is unsightly, dangerous and damages items that could have been given to a person in need, or purchased through one of our shops,” said Mr Klintworth.

    If donation bins are full, Mr Klintworth asked that people hold onto their generous donations until the bins are emptied or visit their local Vinnies shop during opening hours. There’s even an option for Vinnies trucks to pick up good quality donations such as furniture if people are unable to transport it.

    “To the thousands of Queenslanders who make good quality donations to Vinnies – thank you for your gifts and donations! You are making a real difference in the lives of thousands of battlers and looking after the environment.” Funds raised through Vinnies shops go back to the local community through the provision of emergency relief, programs and services.

    About our Vinnies shops

    St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland operates 144 Centres of Charity (shops) across
    Queensland that provide assistance for those in need.

    Your nearest shop can be located at

    How to donate
    Here’s some simple tips for people to follow when donating, which would help our volunteers as
    they sort clothing and items:

    • Whether it’s a spring clean or general clean out, sort your items into two piles: what you can
      donate and what should go to the tip
    • Clean clothes mean we can sort quickly and distribute to our shops to provide to those in
      need or sell for a reasonable price
    • Check the pockets for rubbish but also any valuables you might have stashed away
    • Find a suitable drop off donation bin or visit a Vinnies Shop during opening hours.