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    We understand during these unprecedented times, many Queenslanders, just like you, are facing hardships for the very first time. We’re here to help.



    Sometimes everyone needs a little help, and Vinnies is here to help you in many ways. Reach out for assistance if you’re struggling financially. Thousands of Queenslanders have taken the first step in this crisis. Asking for help is the bravest thing to do. It’s okay to ask for help.

    Performance group creating new song online on video call during pandemic

    Cherie*, a young musician and café owner, was devastated at being forced to shut down her new business when COVID-19 struck. With no support and no savings, Cherie struggled to pay her mounting bills, and was embarrassed when she reached out to Vinnies for help.

    Now with food and clothing vouchers to help her get by, Cherie says she’s feeling relieved and optimistic about her future thanks to the invaluable help Vinnies gave her to keep herself and her business afloat. She was grateful for her Vinnies support worker who patiently listened to her and helped her overcome her anxiety and fears to take control of her life.

    *Name changed to protect identity

    Mother hugging her crying son in the park

    Sasha* began rebuilding her life in Australia after arriving as a refugee four years ago. With no one to turn to for help in this country, the single mother’s situation escalated when COVID-19 shut down schools and she lost her job as a cleaner, her only source of income. It was a massive blow for her and her young son.

    Not eligible for JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments, Sasha was very stressed about how she would pay her son’s school fees, buy food or pay any other bills when she reached out to Vinnies for help. She says she was ‘blown away’ by the empathy and support she received.

    *Name changed to protect identity

    Family portrait series with Father, Mother and Son in Autumn Outdoors

    Josh* and Katherine* lost their dream jobs and main source of income when COVID-19 forced them to close their gym. Josh says he didn’t know how he was going to keep paying his son’s school fees and put food on the table. Unsure about what to expect, Josh and Katherine decided to reluctantly reach out to Vinnies for help.

    They were initially embarrassed, reaching out for help, but fear soon turned to gratitude for the understanding and empathy they received from Vinnies volunteers, who helped them with food vouchers and payment of their son’s school fees for the rest of the year. Josh and Katherine are now working on rebuilding their lives, grateful they reached out for help when they did.

    *Name changed to protect identity

    Liam*, a young ex-army local who worked in security in Townsville, lost his job when COVID-19 shut down all clubs. Suddenly, he found himself unable to pay his bills or send support payments for his children. Separated from his kids and struggling with depression, his financial troubles took him to breaking point.

    When Liam met his Vinnies support worker for the first time, he broke down into tears. He was anxious about not being able to pay for necessities and terrified of not being able to connect with his family. During his toughest times, Vinnies was there to support him not only with rent, car payments and food hampers; but also, a compassionate ear to share his worries with.

    *Name changed to protect identity

    The St Vincent de Paul Society was born out of a pandemic in the 1830s in Paris. As a grassroots organisation operating in Australia for over a century, Vinnies is uniquely placed to offer practical support through this time.

    We respond to the needs of our local communities from within, providing both emergency relief and ongoing assistance. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for families facing unemployment, poverty and homelessness in the wake of COVID-19. We will assess your needs individually before deciding on the best strategy to support you towards independence.

    Our wrap-around services can remove the obstacles preventing newly vulnerable Australians, such as yourself, from getting back on their feet. We can connect you to health services, financial counsellors and education services to give you the right tools to rebuild your lives.

    Vinnies is here to advocate on your behalf to help navigate complex housing, social, financial and legal systems. Through this individual response, we aim to build a relationship of friendship, trust and respect. We acknowledge the dignity of each individual in their time of need, and work to achieve the autonomy and pride that we all deserve.